Customized Jewelry

Customized Jewelry



Comes with a picture and 3 -4 small 



Some are 3 some are 5 some 7some 10 depending on design

3$$ Kids beaded jewelry Comes with 3 charms kids costomized beaded jewelry comes with a picture or Designer charm and 2-3 small charms 9$$



Some keychains are 12 some keychains 13 some keychains 14 some keychains 15 each keychain comes with a photo or Designer charm and 2-4 small charms to add extra picture charms or Designer charms is 3-5 extra depending on size also have double sided photo charms for 5

Can add any name phrase word or words to anything

Self defense key chains knives 20$$ with coin purse or Bracelet attached 25$$ with one photo or Designer charm and 2-4 small charms Mase is 30$$ with 1 photo attached bracelet is 35$$ Brass Knuckles is 30 with attached bracelet 35$$ or Designer charm or double sided photo added photo 3 double sided photo 5 designer charm 3$$ comes with coin purse or lip gloss or add a Big customize Letter for 7$$ aslo have the tazer/Keychains 50$$

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